Assessment and Testing in Education: Psychological and Statistical Processes

Project Code: 10431215

Faculty: Faculty of Education and Social Work

Department: Learning, Development and Professional Practice

Main Supervisor: Associate Professor Gavin Brown

Application open date: 01 Sep 2020

Application deadline: 30 Sep 2022


Assessment and testing have two general functions: evaluation of systems, teachers, and students and diagnosis of learning achievement supporting feedback, self-regulation, and greater & better learning. Statistical processes are used along wtih judgment validation to determine the qualities of measurement that underpin decision-making. Since higher education uses asssessments in many guises across programmes, faculties, and degrees to make judgements about the quality of student learning and achievement, it is necessary that the assessments are high quality. Research in this opportunity will challenge the sacred cows of how assessment has been traditionally implemented. Research in this opportunity will build upon my previous research on topics such as the standardised diagnostic testing system used in New Zealand schools (e-asTTle), essay scoring, multiple choice test statistical analysis, self-asssessment, feedback, and so on. Students should expect to use large data sets that lend themselves to sophisticated statistical techniques such as structural equation modeling, confirmatory factor analysis, or item response theory modeling.  Research conducted internationally will be of especial interest to build on my work and that of my students.

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