Advancing doctoral education in statistics: Tools, curriculum and pedagogy

Project Code: 10431216

Faculty: Faculty of Education and Social Work

Department: Learning, Development and Professional Practice

Main Supervisor: Associate Professor Gavin Brown

Application open date: 01 Sep 2020

Application deadline: 01 Nov 2021


Being able to analyse data to generate new knowledge is one of the fundamental skills of doctoral degree attainment. However, in many social science fields, especially education, students have weak backgrounds around probability, measurement, and statistics. They also frequently have negative perceptions of themselves in learning statistics. This problem is complicated by poorly written statistical software and text books and algorithmic approaches to solving problems that require sophisticated understanding. 

This opportunity builds on previous work by me and my students, in which we have suggested that better design of statistical software to meets the needs of content experts but who are not highly competent in computer programming or statistics. In this opportunity students will be expected to investigate what makes data analysis so hard and design solutions that lead to effective outcomes for doctoral students and data analysts.

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