Cardiac Strain Imaging with MRI.

Project Code: 14644

Faculty: Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences

Department: Anatomy

Main Supervisor: Professor Alistair Young

Application open date: 08 Jan 2015

Application deadline: 04 Jul 2018

Enrolment information: NZ Citizens, NZ Permanent Residents, International


FUlly funded PhD stipend and fees available for PhD student interested in MRI imaging.

Heart disease is the primary preventable cause of morbidity and mortality world-wide. Magnetic resonance imaging can provide useful diagnostic information on heart status. In particular MRI can image muscle strain (contraction and relaxation) if the acquisition is made sensitive to tissue motion. However, this requires an extra acquisition beyond the standard cine images acquired in a typical examination. Although strain can be quantified from standard cine acquisitions, this is known to be inaccurate due to the lack of motion cues in the myocardium itself. This project will investigate ways in which the standard cine acquisition can be modified to provide information on myocardial motion and thereby evaluate myocardial performance.    

What we are looking for in a successful applicant

Experience in medical physics or engineering preferred. The sucessful applicant will be trained in the Siemens MRI programming environment.


1.    To modify the standard steady state free precession pulse sequence to add a displacement encoding to the signal.

2.    To validate the method by comparision with known displacement patterns in phantoms.

3.    To apply the method to patients with cardiovascular disease.

Other information

Funding from Siemens Healthcare Ltd.